Cricket Returns to the Bay - Guidance for Visitors and Spectators

Cricket Returns to the Bay
Cricket will return to the Bay with games on both grounds on Saturday 11th July commencing at 1:00 pm and Colts match on Sunday morning of 12th July.
The following has been produced for visitors and spectators to ensure the safety of all in accordance with government and ECB directions. This will be posted around the pavilion and on the website. Please make everyone aware.
Whilst we have endeavoured to provide a safe environment we cannot cover every eventuality and we ask that you accept and follow these procedures for the safety of all. Should you experience coronavirus symptoms following your visit to the Bay please let us know so that others can be contacted.

These Guidelines are applicable to all visitors and spectators attending Botany Bay Cricket Club whilst cricket matches and related activities are underway.
Note: There are additional guidelines for players, umpires and scorers.
Until further notice social distancing requires spacing of 2 metres.
1. Before visiting the ground ensure that you have no coronavirus symptoms.
2. Bring your own chair and do not allow it to be used by others without appropriate sanitizing and cleaning.
3. Where possible avoid public transport when travelling to the ground.
4. On arrival park in the car park comply with social distancing guidelines when leaving your vehicle and walking to the pavilion or anywhere around the ground.
5. The area between the huts and the pavilion and the balcony is reserved for players. Please keep to the path and ensure social distancing.
6. Access to the pavilion is as follows:
a. Toilets – via the main entrance, leave via the back door - the toilet corridor is one-way, returning to the ground via either end of the pavilion. Maintain social distancing if queueing for the toilets. Use hand sanitizer located by the toilet corridor.
b. Pavilion and Bar – via the first door on the veranda, follow taped route to the bar and leave via the door by the kitchen to the veranda and onto the ground.
c. Use hand sanitizer located by the entrance
d. Note; Pavilion is only available for accessing the bar – no socialising is permitted in the pavilion.
7. Use of the Bar. A one-way route to and from the bar is in operation. Place your order and pay where indicated and collect drinks from the other end of the bar and leave the pavilion. Maintain social distancing if queuing.
8. Veranda. The veranda is closed to spectators to ensure social distancing. The area to the left, when facing the pavilion, is reserved for the scorers and shall not be used for access across the front of the pavilion. No standing nor sitting on the veranda is permitted.
9. Spectator area – Apart from the area reserved for the players, the veranda and immediately in front of the pavilion, spectators may take advantage of anywhere around the ground remembering
a. Groups of more than 6 persons are not permitted
b. 2 metre social distancing at all times
10. Other points
a. Be observant and remember that a cricket game is being played with a hard ball.
b. Cricket on the back pitch. In general all the above guidelines will apply with the players area reserved by the scorebox.
c. DO NOT field or touch the ball if it crosses the boundary
d. Return empty glasses to the table on the veranda
e. Provide your name and contact details to be recorded for NHS Track and Trace (List will be destroyed after 21 days)
11. Post-Match – All the above guidelines will continue to apply post-match except that the area in front of the pavilion may be used.
12. Rain – Unfortunately we are not able to provide shelter. Please take shelter in your car.

Stuart Haynes
Botany Bay Cricket Club