Sport at the Bay, Update May 17th 2021

With the relaxation of the Covid restrictions we have assessed our best approach.
Whilst the pavilion can now be used, 6 to a table and table service from the bar only, we will continuer with outside socialising as the norm albeit now with groups of up to 30 and no change to the outside bar service. The following guidelines are applicable:
These Guidelines are applicable to all club members and visitors attending Botany Bay Cricket Club following the easing of restrictions May 17th 2021 until further notice.
Note: There are additional guidelines for participants of sports in line with the relevant National Body directions and as issued by each sport section.
General principles:
1. Socialising in groups of up to 6 and table service for the bar, inside and out. Otherwise the 2 meter distancing rule still applies.
2. It is expected that most socialising will continue outside.
3. Use of the pavilion is limited to
a. Access to the toilets – use the main pavilion entrance and leave by the rear door.
b. Pavilion – 6 per table and table service only. Do not move tables and chairs as these have been set out to meet the social distancing requirements. Access may be by either the main entrance or the first door on the veranda as indicated. The entrance by the kitchen is for bar staff only. Face masks to be worn except when seated.
The veranda is for bar staff and scorers only during cricket matches and must be kept clear at all times. At other times it may be possible to have limited seating capacity on the veranda, with the appropriate spacing, at the discretion of the event leader or bar staff.
4. Bar operation. Order forms are available on tables inside the pavilion and on the table on the veranda for outside service. Bar staff will collect orders and serve them in order either delivering to the table or calling for outside orders to be collected from the table on the veranda.
Please be patient, especially at busy times.
5. During play players will use the area between the huts and the pavilion
6. During play visitors and spectators will use the area beyond the veranda or anywhere around the boundary except the players area.
7. All members and visitors are required to log their name and contact details on the contact sheets provided. These will be retained for 21 days and then destroyed.
Until further notice social distancing requires spacing of 2 metres and the previous guidance as follows is unchanged.
1. Before visiting the ground ensure that you have no coronavirus symptoms.
2. I possible bring your own chair and do not allow it to be used by others without appropriate sanitizing and cleaning.
3. On arrival park in the car park comply with social distancing guidelines when walking to the pavilion or anywhere around the ground.
4. Other points
a. Be observant and remember that a cricket game is being played with a hard ball.
b. Spectators for other sports to maintain social distancing and comply with section guidance.
c. DO NOT field or touch the ball if it crosses the boundary
d. Return empty glasses to the table on the veranda
5. Post-Match – All the above guidelines will continue to apply post-match except that the area in front of the pavilion may be used.
6. Rain – Space in the pavilion is limited and the rule of 6 seated per table will apply. No standing. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide additional shelter so please make use of your car.